Certificate authorising use of boiler

  • Act/Rule/Legislation

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

    Initial Setup only

  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    Boiler Certificate authorising the use of a boiler issued under the Indian Boilers Act, 1923 is required. No owner of a boiler shall use the boiler or
    permit it to be used unless it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

  • Penalty

    Any owner of a boiler who, in any case in which a certificate or provisional order is required
    for the uses of the boiler uses the boiler either without any such certificate or order
    being in force or at a higher pressure than that allowed thereby, shall be punishable with fine which
    may extend to five hundred rupees, and in the case of a continuing offence, with an additional fine
    which may extend to one hundred rupees for each day after the first day in regard to which he is
    convicted of having persisted in the offence.

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

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