Disbursement of wages and maintenance of registers. Filing of annual return

  • Act/Rule/Legislation

  • Online Link to Act/Rule/Legislation

  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

    Ongoing compliance requirement

  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    To disburse wages before the 7th of each month if employing less than 1000 persons and before the 10th in other cases. To maintain registers of fine and deductions and to obtain prior permission of government for acts or omissions for which fine can be imposed. To submit an annual return.

    The prescribed form for staying compliant is available on this website - https://stacowiki.in/en/state/karnataka/karnataka-payment-wages-rules-1963/form-iv-annual-return/

  • Penalty

    Imprisonment of 1-6 months or payment of fine or both

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

    Employer shall submit this return for the year ending 31 December towards wages paid, deductions, and fines.

    The return shall furnish details of establishment, mandays, employee count (including adults and children), average daily number of persons employed during the year, gross amount paid as remuneration to persons getting less than Rs. 18000 per month etc.