Furnishing of returns and payment of cess

  • Act/Rule/Legislation

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

    Ongoing compliance requirement

  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    The Company has to affix meters for measuring quantity of water consumed and has to furnish returns as required (and prescribed) under the said section in Form 1. Company must pay the cess as assessed.

  • Penalty

    Where there is a Failure to do the same then the Officer/ Authority shall give notice requiring such person / local authority to furnish such return before the date as may be specified in the notice.
    Interest for delay; penalty for non-payment within the specified time, if intentionally evaded imprisonment upto six months or with fine upto one thousand rupees or with both.

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

    It is applicable to industries specified in the schedule to the Act.