Goods carriage permit

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

    Ongoing compliance requirement

  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    To comply with conditions specified for goods carriage permit including:

    (1) the vehicle shall not be used for the conveyance of any class or description of goods in contravention of any law or any rules, by law or order made thereunder prohibiting or regulating the import,
    export or transport of such goods or for the conveyance of mica in respect of which royalty has not been paid.
    (2) the vehicle shall be stopped at a check post or chowki post whenever any clerks, Traffic Guard, chowkidar or attender employed in such post calls upon the driver of the vehicle to stop the vehicle and to keep it at rest for such time as may be necessary to enable him to make a reasonable examination of the contents of the vehicle.
    (3) the vehicle shall not be loaded in a manner likely to cause danger to any person or in such a manner that the load or any part thereof or anything extends—
    (i) laterally beyond the side of the body or beyond a vertical place in prolongation of the side of the body;
    (ii) to the front beyond the foremost part of the load body of the vehicle;
    (iii) to the rear exceeding one meter beyond the rear-most part of the vehicle; and
    (iv) in height by a distance which exceeds 380 centimetres from the surface upon which the vehicle

    (4) it shall always carry two black and white painted cones with a height of 75 centimetres bottom width of 40 centimetres and clipped with a distance of 45 centimetres between the bottom of the cones with a red reflector at the top of the cone having reflection to be readily available for being piaced on the road at the front and at the rear extremities in the off-side of the goods carriage whenever such vehicle has to be stalled on highways, in case of any mechanical failure or breakdowns and accident on the roads where such stalling becomes necessary as a measure of safety warning to other road users. The two painted cones shall be placed on the ground whenever the vehicle is at rest on the road under the above circumstances and shall be taken back when the vehicle resumes its journey.

    (5) every goods carriage transporting any dangerous or hazardous goods that the goods shall be packed and transported in accordance with the rules 129 to 137 of the Central
    Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989

  • Penalty

    (1) Any motor vehicle detained under section 207 shall be handed-over to the police officer
    incharge of the nearest police station and such police officer shall keep the vehicle under safe custody
    until such time such officer receives a release order from the authorised officer mentioned in sub-rule
    The Regional Transport Officer in whose area the vehicle is detained shall be the authorised officer for
    the issue of an order of release under sub-section (2) of Section 207.
    The Officers to recover the penalty for causing obstruction to free flow of traffic under section 201 shall
    be any police officer in uniform not below the rank of Sub-Inspector of Police.

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

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