License for possession of gas cylinders and to fill and store any compressed gas in any cylinder

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

    Initial Setup only

  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    The licence in Form-F under Gas Cylinder Rules 1981 is required for
    storage i.e., possession of cylinders filled with compressed gas.
    Authority :
    The licence in Form-F is granted by respective Circle offices of the
    Department of Explosives. But when storage shed of cylinders is attached to the
    gas filling plant, the licence is granted for storage of cylinder in the filling plant
    along with licence for filling by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur

  • Penalty

    Not available

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

    Procedure: Various on-line steps adopted for grant of licence in Form-F are as
    ?? Submission of drawings and the other required documents by the
    applicant to the licensing authority for construction approval of the
    proposed premises.
    ?? Approval of the drawing by the licensing authority for construction of
    the facilities in the proposed premises.
    ?? After completion of construction of the facilities, submission of
    drawings and the other required documents by the party to the licensing
    authority for grant of licence of the premises.
    ?? Grant of licence by the licensing authority.
    The details of the above step by step procedure are as under:
    Submission of documents by applicant for construction approval (Applicants
    Action) :
    Applicant must submit the following documents to the licensing authority for prior
    approval for construction of facilities:
    ?? Bank draft of Rs 50 as scrutiny fee. The B/D should be drawn on any
    nationalised bank, in favour of appropriate authority and should be payable at
    appropriate place as applicable for the concerned licensing authority.
    ?? Application form-C duly filled in and signed by the applicant/authorised
    employee. Typed copy of form-C (given in the Gas Cylinders Rules, 1981) is
    acceptable. Please note that no column of the form should be left blank.
    Inapplicable columns should be filled as NA i.e., not applicable. Full postal
    address with pin code should be written. No overwriting or major corrections will
    be accepted. Minor correction should be initialed.
    ?? Letter of indent from the Oil Company/supplier (in case of LPG cylinders).
    ?? Three copies of drawings (blue print or computerised one without hand