Licensing of drivers; Registration

  • Act/Rule/Legislation

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

    Ongoing compliance requirement

  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    Drivers to hold a valid license. Registration and insurance of vehicles as per the Rules.

  • Penalty

    Offences for the purpose of section 208.—The offences for the purpose of subsection
    (1) of section 208 shall be—
    (a) Driving during the period of disqualification (section 23);
    (b) Failure to stop the vehicle when it is involved in an accident (section 132);
    (c) Obtaining or applying for a driving licence without giving particulars of endorsement
    (section 182);
    (d) Driving dangerously (section 184);
    (e) Driving while under the influence of drinks or drugs (section 185);
    (f) Abetment of an offence under section 184 or section 185 or section 188;
    (g) Taking part in unauthorised race or trial of speed of any kind (section 189);
    (h) Altering a driving licence or using an altered licence;
    (i) Any other offence punishable with imprisonment in the commission of which a motor
    vehicle was used.

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

    Application for a driving licence.—33[(1)] An application for a driving licence shall be
    made in Form 4 and shall be accompanied by,—
    (a) an effective learner's licence to drive the vehicle of the type to which the application
    (b) appropriate fee as specified in rule 32, for the test of competence to drive and issue
    of licence;
    (c) three copies of the applicant's recent 34[passport size photograph];
    (d) save as otherwise provided in rule6,a medical certificate in 35[Form 1-A];
    (e) a driving certificate in Form 5 issued by the school or establishment from where the
    applicant received instruction, if any.
    36[(2) An application for an International Driving Permit shall be made in Fonn 4-A and
    shall be accompanied by—
    (a) valid driving licence issued by the licensing autho rity und er these ru les;
    (b) appropriate fee as specified in rule 32;
    (c) three copies of the applicant's recent passport photograph;
    (d) a medical certificate in Form 1-A;
    (e) valid proof of Indian Nationals; if valid proof of passport; and
    (g) valid proof of visa, wherever applicable.