No-objection from the fire safety department

  • Act/Rule/Legislation

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

    Initial Setup only

  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    To obtain a no-objection certificate for the premises.

    Any Person Proposing to construct a building of more than 15 meters height for commercial / business purpose, 18 meters and above height for residential purpose, and buildings of public congregation like schools, cinema halls, function halls, religious place, which are more than 500 sq. Meeter in plot area or 6 meters and above in hight shall apply to the Director General or any member of the service duly authorised by him in this behalf, before submission of such building plans to the authority or officer competent to approve the same under the relevant law, for the time being force, for a no objection certificate along with such fee as may be prescribed.

    The owner or occupier of any place using it for any one or more of the purposes mentioned in the notification issued under S.15 of the Andhra Pradesh Fire Service Act, 1999 in Annexure-I appended to the Rules, shall within 30 days from the date of notification shall submit an Application in Form No. 5 in duplicate along with plans and fees to the Authorized Officer either by delivery in person or by Registered Post for the grant of licence.

  • Penalty

    Whoever willfully contravenes any provisions of this Act or the rules made there under or fails to comply with any requisition lawfully made upon him under any provisions of this Act shall , without prejudice to any other action taken against him under section 22 be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months or with fine which may extend to twenty five thousand rupees or with both and where the offence is a continuing one ,with a further fine which may extend to three thousand rupees for every day during which such offence continues after the conviction for the first such offence.

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

    Procedure for filing applications as per the Single Desk Policy which is applicable for NoC and Occupancy Certificate from Fire Services

    1) The applicant shall register through the Single Desk provision on the
    Industries Department Portal
    2) On registration, applicant will be given a unique ID and password for
    future reference
    3) The application form along with prescribed attachments shall be
    submitted / uploaded online, wherever feasible. Other attachments
    (wherever necessary) shall be sent to the concerned designated
    competent authority through courier, and can be tracked online
    through a built-in system as per guidance available in the Single Desk
    4) On receipt of application form, the system will automatically forward
    it to the concerned competent authorities.
    5) All competent authorities will be provided online access to the Portal
    through a secure user id and password, to process the applications
    forwarded to them
    6) For additional attachments dispatched by courier to respective
    departments, the concerned competent authority shall enter the date
    of receipt in the system which will be the reference date specific to
    clearance / department
    7) In case the competent authority does not acknowledge the receipt of
    attachments within 3 working days of dispatch as noted initially in
    the system, the 4th working day from dispatch shall be construed as
    reference date specific to clearance / department
    8) The competent authority may ask for additional information from the
    applicant only once, within first 3 days for those departments with
    SLAs less than 10 days and within 7 days for those departments with
    SLAs less than 21 days, under intimation to the nodal agency.
    9) The competent authority shall process the application and
    communicate the decision (approve/reject the request along with his
    comments) and upload the same in the system within the prescribed
    time limit.
    10) Once the request is approved by the concerned department, the
    applicant can take a printout of the approval
    11) The Commissioner of Industries will be authorized to issue specific
    clearances in case of Large Industries and District Collector in case of
    MSME in case the concerned department not provide clearance after
    following due process within stipulated time. The responsibility of
    any such clearance being provided due to delay on behalf of specific
    department shall lie with the HoD of that department.
    12) Necessary enabling provisions will be made in concerned Acts /
    Rules to empower Commissioner of Industries/ District Collector
    13) Applicant will be given an option to file for all clearances at one /
    multiple times.
    14) Parallel Processing of clearances will be allowed to expedite closure of
    application process and the concerned departments shall issue
    clearances subject to obtaining other mandatory clearances.
    15) At each stage of the application, an email and SMS alerts will be sent
    to the applicant