Permission To Operate – Delhi

  • Act/Rule/Legislation

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

    Initial Setup only

  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    Section 416 of the MCD Act, 1957 places an obligation on the person desirous to establish in any premises or materially alter, enlarge or extend any factory, workshop or trade premises in which it is intended to employ, steam, electricity, water or other mechanical power to obtain prior permission of Commissioner MCD in writing.

    Along with the prescribed form the following documents need to be submitted:

    Commercial Address Proof Verification
    •If Owner of the Premise the is Address Proof (Current Light Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Sale Deed / Society Maintenance) attached ?
    •If the Premises is on Rental Basis then is Address Proof (Current Light Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Sale Deed / Society Maintenance) Notarized Leave and License / Rent Receipt attached?
    Identity Verification
    •If Partnership firm, then is documents to verify Name of the Employers, Residential Proof, PAN Card / ID Proof,

    Partnership Deed attached?
    •If Charitable Trust, then is Name of the Trustee along with Certificate (Copy Charity Commissioner) attached?
    •If Cooperative, then is Registration Copy of the Registrar of Cooperative Society attached?
    •If Bank, then is RBI Permission Copy attached?

    Registration Verification
    •If Registered Under Company ACT, then is the MOA attached?
    Residential Address Proof Verification
    •Is Residential Proof of the Employer if Owner (Light Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Sale Deed / Society Maintenance) attached?
    •Is Residential Proof of the Employer if Rented (Notarized Leave and License / Rent Receipt / Tax Receipt / Society Maintenance) attached?

    Nature of Business Verification
    •If Bar and Restaurant, Wine Shop, Beer Shop, then is State Excise License attached?
    •If Medical Stores, then Food and Drugs Administration License attached?
    •If Cyber Cafe Police Department NOC, Security Agency then Police Commissioner License, Man Power Supplier the

    Copy of Work Order of the Principal Employer attached?
    •If Entertainment, then is copy of Collector Permission attached?
    •If Transportation / Tour and Travel, then is RTO Transport Permit attached?
    •If Import and Export, Clearing Forwarding, Shipping, Cargo, then is License from Concerned Department attached?
    •Is Share Broker then is SEBI Enrollment attached?
    •If Trading Business, then is Business Proof (Copy of Financial Transaction) attached?
    •If Fire Works, then is Municipal Council / Corporation NOC, Fire Brigade NOC, Collectors NOC, Police Department NOC attached?

    Other Verification
    •PAN Card (If HUF Concern / Family Declaration).
    •Please use Prescribed Form for the Application.
    •Please fill the Application form completely and correctly.
    •The form filled correctly.
    •Is Challan/fee receipt attached.
    •The amount paid as fees correct.

  • Penalty

    Contravention of the provisions of Section 416 of DMC Act, 1957 would attract penalties as prescribed in the Twelth Schedule (Under Section 416):
    (i) Establishment of factory, etc., without permission of the Commissioner, MCD is punishable with a minimum fine of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) and additional fine of Rs.50/- per day for running of the unit without permission.

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

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