Filing of forms and other compliances under the Shops and Establishments Act

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

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  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    There is no separate registration required under the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act. However, the company must declare the number of employees and their particulars on Forms 1, 2, 5 and S and submit them to the Assistant Inspector of Labor for the designated region where the office is located. Upon verification, the Labor Office will give a copy of the form back to the entrepreneur, containing the list of holidays that is granted to the employees. A copy of the form is to be displayed at the premises of the company. Apart from submitting this information, the company is required to ensure compliance of the (following): a. The company must display a weekly holiday notice on its premises; b. Apart from declaring the three national holidays, the company must also declare five festival holidays. Particulars of the five festival holidays are to be submitted to the Assistant Inspector of Labor; c. The company must maintain various registers such as the Attendance Register, Leave Register, and Service Register. The Company must submit annual returns to the Inspector of Labor.

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