Sanction for building – Punjab

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

    Initial Setup only

  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    To obtain sanction for building from the municipal corporation.

  • Penalty

    Not available

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

    The Commissioner shall
    sanction the erection of a building or the execution of a work, unless such building
    or work would contravene any of the provisions of sub-section (2) of this section
    or the provisions of section 266.
    (2) The grounds on which the sanction of a building or work may be refused shall
    be the following, namely -
    (a) that the building or work or the use of the site for the building or work or
    any of the particulars comprised in the site plan, ground plan, elevation,
    section or specification would contravene the provisions of any bye-law
    made in this behalf or of any other law or rule, bye-law or order made under
    such other law ;
    (b) that the notice for sanction does not contain the particulars or is not prepared
    in the manner required under the bye-laws made in this behalf ;
    (c) that any information or documents required by the Commissioner under
    this Act or any bye-laws made thereunder has or have not been duly furnished;
    (d) that in cases falling under section 238, layout plans have not been sanctioned
    in accordance with section 239 ;
    (e) that the building or work would be an encroachment on Government land
    or land vested in the Corporation ;
    (f) that the site of the building or work does not about on a street or projected
    street and that there is no access to such building or work from any such
    street by a passage or pathway appertaining to such site ;
    (g) that the building or work would be in contravention of any scheme sanctioned
    under section 275.
    (3) The Commissioner shall communicate the sanction to the person who has
    given the notice ; and where he refuses sanction on any of the grounds specified
    in sub-section (2) of this section or under section 266, he shall record a brief statement
    of his reasons for such refusal and communicate the refusal along with the
    reasons therefor to the person who has given the notice.
    (4) The sanction or refusal as aforesaid shall be communicated in such manner
    as may be specified in the bye-laws made in this behalf.