QS Scheme

  • Act/Rule/Legislation

  • Area of Application

    Food, Testing, Quality and Certification Procedures

  • Description

    The QS scheme is a cross-stage scheme of quality assurance for fresh food. It provides comprehensive process assurance and traceability that comprises all relevant stages of production and marketing of food: from production to processing to marketing, in other words from farm to shop. From farm to shop QS knows every company that is involved in the products’ production and marketing. The compliance with the QS requirements is checked regularly. Checklists and shipping documents, which allow a conclusion on the production process and the origin, accompany the product to the shop. Thus, the entire production process is made transparent and ensures a high degree of reliability.

    The QS scheme defines and controls stringent production and marketing requirements along the entire supply chain for fresh foods. Only foods that are produced and marketed according to the QS requirements at all stages, bear the QS certification mark.
    Quality assurance in the QS scheme is based on three interacting inspection levels:
    Self-assessment by company: At this level, the companies themselves ensure that they reliably monitor and conscientiously document all the stipulated requirements. QS supports them in this endeavour with clearly defined requirements and practice-oriented guidelines and checklists.
    Independent inspection: During the independent inspection, trained auditors inspect both the production and marketing processes on site as well as the documentation of these processes. In addition, the companies participating in the QS scheme take part in various monitoring programs, which allows detection and assessment of potential risks to food safety at an early stage.
    Inspecting the inspectors: As part of the scheme integrity system (SIKS), QS ensures that quality assurance from farm to shop functions flawlessly. This process also involves monitoring of the work of the auditors.`

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