• Act/Rule/Legislation

  • Area of Application

    Good Practices - Warehouse, Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing

  • Description

    To ensure the security of the goods in an organisation’s supply chain, implement the TAPA Freight Security Requirements. Businesses storing high-value goods such as pharmaceuticals, clothing, tobacco, retail and high-tech equipment in warehouses and distribution centres, implement this standard to safeguard those warehouses, as well as those of their transportation providers.

    Freight Security Requirements (FSR) set minimum standards for security and industry best practices for facilities storing and handling HVTT assets. They also specify the proper methods for maintaining those standards. TAPA members who purchase supply chain services should choose suppliers who meet or exceed TAPA’s FSR certification requirements.
    FSR certifications apply to individual facilities, not entire companies. Only those companies that achieve FSR certification for every one of their facilities can claim to be “TAPA-certified.” Facilities must receive FSR certification through an audit process from a TAPA-approved auditor.

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